How To Load Music Without Itunes On Iphone

December 30, 2014

How To Load Music Without Itunes On Iphone

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Josh, I appreciate that you've developed and provided your tool, "GWX Control Panel". I've applied it and I presume it has worked to rid me of Microsoft's "Nagware Windows 10 upgrade reminder", as there appears to be no trace of Windows 10 on my HP G71 Laptop (Windows 7 Professional): the icon is removed from the status bar, etc. However, there appears to be one unintended side effect of applying "GWX Control Panel": The Network Icon in the lower right corner of the screen, in the pop up status bar, has a red "X" across it, indicating no network connection. Immediately before I applied "GWX Control Panel" I was connected to the internet via wifi (see below) and there was no red "X" there. In fact, I used that internet connection to both write you and download "GWX Control Panel". As I write this, I have the laptop's internal 10/100 NIC disabled (since it's not connected to anything) and the Wireless NIC enabled and connected to public WiFi at McDonald's (thank God for McDonald's WiFi, lol). As noted above, I used that WiFi connection to download "GWX Control Panel" (complete executable). This is a minor irritation and just slightly disconcerting because I actually DO HAVE internet connectivity and everything appears to be working fine, except for the annoying uncertainty of whether or not I'm actually connected because of the red "X" (maybe that's Microsoft's "back atcha" for applying "GWX Control Panel", lol: they put a large red "X" over the network icon instead of displaying the Windows 10 upgrade icon, lol). Thanks for the tool, Doug Gregory If there's something you want me to specifically try in order to rectify this, please message me at: or I have recently bought a flat (eeek!) and I have a built in wardrobe with matching chest of drawers and bedside cabinet.This is great except they are covered in a pretty ugly, orangey laminate which is also coming at the sides. I peeled it off one of the drawers of the cabinet and it came off easily. I now want to paint what’s underneath – it’s super smooth and shiny – is that mdf? Is there a certain way to paint it or will it just look rubbish (worried about going for it with the massive wardrobe if i shouldn’t be peeling it off!!)? Thanks

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